Meet Ashley...

Ashley Katz is a health Counselor and Coach who works with all people who want to get healthier and heal their bodies and brains with a special emphasis on Epilepsy and Seizures to heal and regain their confidence.

After being a teacher for over ten years in all subjects, including music and drama, and teaching kids from Kindergarten through 8th grade, Ashley has seen how healthy eating and habits have a huge effect on how the brain works and how kids are able to perform in school. This directly translates to brain health.

Ashley knows that people can heal, but it takes time, support, the right nutrition and lifestyle tweaks.

Ashley started her own company, Joyful Healthy Connections, in order to help people navigate their personal health journey with confidence and support.

In 2019 Ashley’s Epilepsy ramped up to six seizures a day. Doctors were recommending that she get a chunk of her brain cut out to see if it might help, but instead she found functional nutrition and has been on the path of healing. She learned how to heal herself and has reduced her seizures to an average of two a month (one while sleeping). She was so inspired by this that she quit teaching school, became a functional nutritionist herself and is now helping other people to heal themselves and get their lives back. 

Ashley is a Certified Functional Nutritionist and Lifestyle Counselor through the Functional Nutrition Alliance and a Vegan Coach through Food Revolution Network.

She has been doing individualized nutrition and lifestyle coaching through Gym Guyz since 2023 and has helped many people to get their nutrition, sleep, stress, resilience, and exercise on track so they could get their health back. 

Ashley has also been helping people to lose weight and keep it off through individualized meal plans, followed by coaching.

Outside of the passion of coaching, Ashley loves traveling and has been to 49 of the 50 states (47 of those with her kids), and many countries. She also loves to sing, especially show tunes. Ashley also really enjoys yoga, being in natures, and is always up for dancing - anyone else up for flossing or hitting the griddy?


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Personalized Meal Plans: Have you ever wondered what you should be eating? Perhaps you tried looking it up online, but you are more confused after your search than before. At Joyful Healthy Connections I make Personalized Meal Plans to fit your individual needs that are culturally relevant and aligned with your body and your goals. If this is something you are interested in and you would like to learn more, book a free complementary session to find out more here.