My family went for a lovely trip to Arizona to visit the Great Grandparents. It was a delight to see them. We hadn't seen them since before COVID hit. While there we also went to the Petrified Forest, Walnut Canyon National Monument, and Saguaro Canyon National Park and the highly coveted and aptly named Grand Canyon. We also went to the Musical Instrument museum in Phoenix. I highly recommend this if you like music -it's amazing! It snowed on the last evening and Vander, 15, thought it was fantastic. He was a big fan of throwing snowballs. You know you don't live in the snow when your child is throwing snow without gloves because it's so much fun. It was a a fantastic trip.

    I haven't really taken a break for a while and I know how important it is to really relax and rejuvenate. It was also such a great time to just be with my family out in the fresh air. It was so good for my body and my soul. We all spend so much time in front of technology nowadays, it was really nice to just be outside and be disconnected. One of the things that I love most about National Parks and National Historic sites is how horrible the wifi is...I know I'm probably in the minority on that one, but it's forced disconnection and to me it's a welcome relief. National parks are amazing self-care because technology doesn't work, they are interesting nature, hiking, and being with the people you came with and spending quality time. To me, that is bliss. How did your family start the New Year?




   It's on everyone's mind...the New Year's Resolution...did you make one? Do you plan to stick with it? Are you still working on it? Here's the cold hard truth: 9% of people keep their New Year's Resolutions!!! 9% Yikes. That's pretty atrocious. The problem is that while we want to do the thing that we say we are going to do, we try to rely on will power. That works really well until about 10am. Then we have the rest of the day, wah wah wah. Did your goals have to do with getting healthy? Feeling better? Eating better? Loosing weight?

  Willpower quickly falters when it comes to health goals due to the complex interplay of difficult to break habits, external influences, and your own internal resistance. We all find it challenging to sustain changes alone, especially when confronted with all the choices in modern convenience living. Health coaching steps in as a support system, with personalized guidance, accountability, and individualized strategies tailored to you, your life and your goals. A health coach empowers you to navigate obstacles, create sustainable habits, and maintain motivation through setbacks. With a collaborative and holistic approach, health coaching recognizes the uniqueness of your personal journey, making a powerful ally in overcoming the limitations of relying on willpower. Instead you have strategies and support. I haven't made a New Years resolution in years, but I start new habits quite frequently - with strategies that work and ALWAYS with support! We are all capable, we just need support.



   Do you know someone wants to get healthy? Perhaps a friend, neighbor, family member, or maybe it's you? If you or someone you know is tired of not feeling their best and they want to change, but is having a hard time doing it on their own, a free session may be just the thing! I work with hydration, nutrition, sleep, relaxation, exercise, movement, stress, resilience, relationships. It is 100% personalized to the person based on their needs. Book the free sample session here to see if health coaching might be something that would be a good fit:



Beyond Limits: Cracking The Code to Seizure Reduction

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Joe Dispenza discusses how "Something as simple as moving into an elevated state of joy, love, or gratitude for five to ten minutes a day can produce significant epigenetic changes in our health and bodies."

What this means is if you write down three things that you are grateful for on a daily basis not only will your happiness level rise, but also your immune system will be more robust! This is a pretty incredible win for our bodies and our minds! 

If you haven't heard the word epigenetics before, these are the things we have control over in our bodies, which as it turns out are most things!

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Three things I was grateful for on our trip: Snowballs, delicious Indian food, and super cool instruments at the Musical Instrument museum.










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